The $wag of the CS2

The PaintballShop Centurion has been a proud sponsor of Brutal Affliction for the past several years. Along with a sponsorship from Planet Eclipse, we have made sure that the team has access to the best equipment available!

The team is close to home and a part of the makeup of PaintballShop Centurion. The same can be said for the bond we all feel towards Planet Eclipse. The team has shot Planet Eclipse markers since 2014 and have worked their way up through the ranks to where they are now in 2018.

With Planet Eclipse, PaintballShop Centurion organized the teams’ first custom-designed CS2’s. We wanted to celebrate their achievements and developments of the past few years. This marker is a piece of art and illustrates the power and brutal nature of the team on the field, also adding $wag off the field. The boys were ecstatic! We would like to thank Planet Eclipse for their effort in constructing such a masterfully crafted piece of equipment.

Planet Eclipse listens to feedback from the community. The size of the CS1 and 1.5 was a very popular concern among players. Many felt it was too large to grip for effective play. With the CS2, Planet Eclipse has redesigned the entire feel of the machine. It’s a lot smaller and lighter, leaning more towards the GEO 3.5 in grip size. It has new and improved battery housing, ‘periscope’ eyes and the way the air runs through from bottle to solenoid is game-changing. The shot is amazing too! This really puts this beaut above the rest. Brutal Affliction star Billy didn’t think he would love anything more than the CSR (being a fan of the larger feel), but after the first practice with the CS2 he isn’t looking back!

The CS2 marker itself is an absolute beast of a machine. The technology and development put into the latest model from Planet Eclipse really shows the brainpower from Mr. Wood and Flash. They have knocked this one out of the park!