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No matter which way you look at it, having quality baggage matters especially when heading to a paintball field. It makes your life as a player a whole lot easier and the Planet Eclipse line of rolling kit bags, backpacks and gym bags are made to last.

Not only are the bags made by using the toughest material to keep up with the paintballers ‘use-and-abuse’ lifestyle, but it has the style that is pleasing to the eye. No matter what you need it for, Planet Eclipse’s luggage selection will suit your needs.

The Classic kit bag and split/compact bag is perfect for holding all the gear you need for a day at the paintball field, may it be for practice or for an event. Two different styles of bags with a ton of space on the inside. High quality stitching, zips, wheels and pull handle. Their sturdy design will take all the punishment you can give them. Coming in a variety of colors and fresh designs that stick with the personality of the owner. From the experience of traveling around the world to compete in international events, we have never had any problems with these bags and they exceeded all our expectations.

With that being said, even if you are not a paintballer but a keen traveler and want luggage that will keep up with your journey, these two items with not let you down. Travel in style without the worry of your wheels giving in or pull handle breaking. After pulling them through many airport terminals and many tough off-road terrains, they still carry on strong with no issues, despite the large volume of luggage it can carry. They remain easy to handle and never feel like overwhelming you in any way.

The GX Gravel Backpack range is perfect for paintball and non-paintball use. Heavy-duty, stylish and practical, these backpacks double up as the perfect kit bag for a light training session at the paintball field. A zip, opening a secret compartment at the bottom of the backpack, gives way to an extending material base, allowing for almost double the amount of room and is perfect to fit an entire paintball kit into it without the fear of damaging the bag itself.

When closed in its conventional shape, it is a beautiful backpack that won’t give up on you. Multi-use as a laptop bag, hiking bag, travel bag, it will handle anything and look good doing it.

The last bag in the range is the Holdall bag. Perfect to use for extra clothing at the field or for overnight stays at your favorite holiday pit stop. This over the shoulder bag is also perfect to be used as a gym bag. With many people loving its size and shape, the heavy-duty material used within all the other ranges continues and you will have no fear of them giving in to the pressure.

We have traveled the world with these bags on our backs, pulling them by our sides through miles of concrete pavements in the streets of London, dirt roads and muddy fields of France, seen many sights and lived some amazing dreams.

Go and make memories with the Planet Eclipse Luggage range.

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