Cleaning and Maintaining your Paintball Marker

It’s very important to make sure that you regularly service your marker to ensure its longevity and reliability for the next couple of years that you’ll be using it. Markers aren’t cheap and as much as paintball and Airsoft are games, markers aren’t toys. Instead, they are awesome, thrilling tools. So, you need to treat them well and look after them.

You need to service and clean your marker to prevent faults and untimely equipment failures so that you can walk onto the field, confidant and ready to kick some ass every time.

At Paintballshop Centurion we have some of the most skilled players and technicians in South Africa. Paintball and Airsoft are what they do and love. I’ve asked them what they recommend for you, our customer to maintain your markers better, in between services. Because you have to maintain, check and clean in between to ensure the longevity of your marker this will also help you catch faults before they happen and save you money in the long run. Prevention is key.

With markers like Spyders, Warriors, Icons and other similar ones, make sure that you clean out the breach thoroughly when a barrel burst happens. Prolonged usage without cleaning will eventually lead to the marker shooting inaccurately or complete failure which is avoidable. This is one of the biggest reasons for marker failure that we see here.

Cleaning Tip:

Remove the firebolt by pulling/clicking the pin-up, then sliding it towards you. With some markers like the Warrior 06/08 VL, depending on the make, the cocking pin will come off completely and then you can slide the bolt off.

Clean out the cavity, passing through the breach until no more residue comes up and it’s clean and shiny. You can use a good absorbent cloth and a long nose squeegee for this.

Oiling your marker:

Markers with O-rings need to be oiled every couple of months and it’s a good idea to check that’s your O-rings and seals are still in good condition and working correctly. Use a quality marker recommended oil or all-purpose singer sewing machine oil.

Smear a small amount around the O-ring. If you have a version in which the firebolt does not have an O-ring, like the Spyder and Warrior SPR, then put a few drops on the fire bolt itself. Make sure that you use the oil sparingly and that you only use enough to very lightly coat it. It will just be visibly shiny and not super slick. If you use too much, your marker will not fire correctly. While you are oiling, slide out the rear bolt “Hammer” as well and oil that O-ring too. Then put everything back together.

TIP: Make sure you place the bolt back correctly. Bigger hole facing downward.

Now, on your BT’s, Black Hawk, Custom 98s, Sierra and Bravo Ones, you will have to fully cock the marker on the slot where your cocking handle lies. These markers have a Urethane O-ring on the hammer or the rear bolt. Oil that O-ring, again don’t use too much oil. Afterward, pull the trigger to release for a couple of times to make sure the oil went in and settled.

Then, remove your marker’s feed neck, pull the cocking handle again but not all the way. Check the side where your marker’s feed neck is removed until you see a front bolt with a black O-ring. Stop pulling the cocking handle right there and add a few drops of oil, following the same principle as used for the rear bolt and hammer.  Then put the feedneck back.

You should be good to go now!

If a barrel burst occurs, unscrew the barrel and clean the ball detent area nicely with a damp cloth or a fluffy squeegee until the area is nice and clean. Also, pull it through the barrel to remove excess residue. This should keep your marker firing as it should.

Tip for the Tippmann A5 user:

Split the receiver using the 1/8” Allen key that was included with your marker and remove all the push pins holding the grip and tombstone area. Oil the Hammer and front bolt O-ring and then reassemble your marker.

You should bring in your marker for a service every 12 months or at 10000 shots, depending on which comes first. It is vital that we replace all the O-rings, clean and oil your marker.

And if you would like more information on maintaining your marker, we are happy to assist in any way we can.


Paintballshop Centurion Team.

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