More to Airsoft than Meets the Eye

There are 3 basic types of games:

Open games

Open games are the most common, with this being a game anyone can pitch up for, pay their range fees and have a day of fun. These games happen just about every single weekend around the country at different venues. Each open game and each organiser would have different game styles, so a player can to go find the game best suited for them!

Milsim games 

The milsim games are where things start getting interesting. Milsim games (although open for beginners) usually caters for the relatively experienced player. It usually implies full camo and gear, lots of planning and team work. It often lasts for hours that sometimes carries over to night games. You can truly immerse yourself in the role of a soldier in such a game!


The re-enactments are then for those who enjoy history or reliving past events. In these games you could re-enact anything from the border wars all the way back to World War 1 and 2. Gear and dress are essential when it comes to re-enactments. For example, if you want to play a British soldier during WW2, you and your gear needs to look as close to the actual period of history it originated from. This includes the smallest of details. These games offer some amazing play styles, allowing you to travel back in time. Re-enactment games are not always offered in your usual paintball/ airsoft venues either. Some of the places played are built up CQB areas, abandoned restaurants, military venues, old hospitals and many more!


Many don’t know the game of airsoft, however, it remains popular amongst its players. Airsoft at the end of the day is about community and that is where it grows from. Social games of airsoft involve everyone at the field playing together no matter the level of experience or gear. Older players are knowledgeable and offer experience to the new players and the new players offer new energy and perspective to older players. This in itself keeps airsoft games unique.

On your next free weekend, why not join your local airsoft game? You might be surprised by how much you enjoy it. It’s something that anyone should at least try once!