PaintballShop Players at NXL Europe’s Mens World Cup

PaintballShop Players at NXL Europes Mens World Cup

With pride We would like to congratulate 3 of our sponsored players that play for our factory team, Brutal Affliction, that have been chosen to represent South Africa at the NXL Europe Men’s World Cup taking place between the 5th and 8th of July in Basildon, UK.

They exude hard work and professionalism when it comes to off the field work, fitness and on the field play. Thus making them great ambassadors for our country.

John-Henri (Billy) Jansen van Rensburg

One of the top talents in the country and at 20 years old still has youth on his side. The scary part is he can still get better! He spends hours in the hot sun, stays after practice to perfect shots and drives his teammates to push him further. He has a hunger for the game and an appetite to win! Like a shark that smells blood, he inspires the team he is in with his on-field aggression.

People respect him as a feared opponent and a natural leader off the field that demands discipline.

Billy at the Mens Practice Session

Brett van Niekerk

 After having set back with two busted knees, his commitment and passion for the game has not changed. Putting in time off the field to rebuild his muscles, he has become a great gun off the break and a beacon of solidity. A player with a very high skill cap and we can’t wait to see how far he goes!

He is passionate, respectful and kind, a player that will reinforced positivity and faith within any team with the occasional, “LETS GO”.

Bret at the Mens Practice Session

Brian Dolphin

PE boy Dolphin has speed that can’t be denied. He puts in extra time at the local field and off the field to keep him game ready. He has a very different style of play that always bring a fresh option and has the X-Factor plays in his locker. A total team player that works for the benefit of the whole, not scared to sacrifice himself for the ultimate goal.

PaintballShop would like to wish them and the rest of the South African Men’s Team the best of luck in their quest abroad. Play your hearts out and make us proud as Ambassadors and sportsmen!


Brian at the Mens Practice session

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