The Birth of the Diverse Valken Black Hawk

Some years ago, Key Action sport bought over National paintball suppliers to gain the right to use brands such as BT and Empire, among others. With the selling of his company, Gino was now out of the game. Years later however, he decided that paintball was still his passion and restarted his company, now calling it Valken and decided that he wanted to be the biggest manufacturer and supplier of paintball products in the world.

The first step to this, was making a bush ball marker that was reliable, resilient and most importantly, cheap. With previous knowledge of the market and knowing the best designers in the industry, he redesigned already known systems such as the BT-4 combat and the Tippmann C98, giving birth to the Valken SW-1. This marker served Valken for many years, until they redesigned their own marker, make changes for the better and renamed it the Valken Black Hawk.

The Valken Black hawk has become a very well-known marker in the world of paintball, since, not only is it amazing for paintball playing, but useful for many other applications as well.

If you are an entry-level paintball player, looking for an amazing marker with upgrade possibilities, the Black Hawk is the perfect marker. Since the marker was designed off the basis of the BT-4, 95% of the BT upgrades and modifications fit the Black Hawk perfectly, but with the marker being cheaper, it makes it easier to upgrade. This means that the Black Hawk can be made into the Omega, Delta and Iron Horse versions of marker.

If you are looking for something a little more powerful, the Black Hawk can also be modified into a self defence marker. We have added in a Red spring (custom made by us personally), installed a horizontal adapter, which point the cylinder to the front of the marker, and opened up the valve to its maximum, allowing the marker to shoot velocities of 350 – 400 FPS, making it the perfect self-defence tool. We have sold thousands of these markers, to private civilians, security companies and even law enforcement, with no one ever coming back with problems, only stories of success and to purchase more ammunition.

For a slightly different usage, we often get customers who also look for markers to dip animals for reserves or game farms. We have seen that the Black Hawk, modified with a longer barrel and a slightly opened valve for velocities around 330 FPS, works perfectly for dipping animals. Longer barrels (up to a 16”) will give you around 60m of accurate shooting when marking the animals, anywhere from the ground up to helicopters.

With the Valken Black Hawk being one of the most diverse markers we have seen, as well as being reliable, changeable and cheap, it is no wonder it is one of the best sellers we have ever come across. What’s stopping you from getting your Black Hawk today?

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