The Journey to Speedball

Speedball until now has not been recognised as an official sport by many. Most still picture paintball as an event that takes place during birthday parties or drunken bachelors’ disasters. However, this is clearly not the case. It is a serious sport equal to military precision and skill, recognised internationally.

Back in 2012, Eugene first got involved with paintball. He soon saw there was a massive decrease in Pretoria based teams, aided by the closing down of speedball outlets such as Nova. There was little support left to help sustain existing players as well as gain the interest of new potential players in a sport that was slowly spiraling down towards stagnation. Eugene was determined not to let this happen.

In the last two years, Eugene bought Paintballshop Centurion and has been building platforms to aid the growth of paintball, particularly speedball, in Gauteng. Paintballshop Centurion has teamed up with Magma and Crywolf to achieve growth in paintball as a sport in Pretoria. Paintballshop Centurion bought bunkers a few months ago for Crywolf to use in an effort to get Pretoria based teams interested in local fields again.

It’s proven a big milestone for Eugene as the brand-new face in the paintball industry to invoke growth and change. He threw himself not only into Paintballshop Centurion, but sponsors paintball teams in an effort to show support financially as well as actively coaching speedball teams professionally. He has his own Brutal Affliction team that splits into 3 division teams and he has coached on SA level two years in a row.

He also often organises workshops for players who want to improve their game or who want to have a peek at this incredible sport.

Brutal Clinic Summary

What a GREAT weekend of balling. Thanks to Brutal Affliction for coming all the way from Johannesburg to host the clinic for the players of the Eastern Cape and thank you Magma Paintballs and Paintballshop Centurion for the great paint. Big Thanks to Paintball Heaven for hosting the event at their field. And a big thank you for the guys who came through to make this a successful event. This is just a small taste of what went down this weekend. More to follow and cant we cant wait for the next one!

Gepostet von Eastern Cape Paintball Club am Dienstag, 25. Juli 2017

This year he will only be coaching locally, refocusing on the rebuild and growth of paintball in Gauteng.

Eugene recognizes the importance of community support and nothing can be achieved without the community’s backing. Paintballshop Centurion is not receiving any financial gains from these efforts, rather it’s their mission and passion to grow this sport and support its community. This same mission and passion for paintball is reflected in the office culture of Paintballshop Centurion and the people Eugene surrounds himself with.

Help the paintball community by supporting your local fields and shops. Crywolf now has bunkers that are ideal for proper SARPL layouts. Developing our paintball culture is a journey we all partake in. Changing things for the better, one step at a time.

For the Players, By the players.

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