The Paintballshop Centurion @ Zwartskops

For the past couple of weeks, we have been preparing for the 4×4 Show which took place on the 25-26 August and Zwartskops Raceway. We were stoked to have this opportunity to exhibit and share our paintball passion with a new market.

On Friday we packed up the shop and arrived at the showgrounds. We had set up in very windy conditions. Saturday was the exciting day of unpacking and showcasing stock. It was an extra early morning with a workout included, the car park wasn’t exactly as close to the stalls as we had hoped. The gates opened at 8 am, which meant we had to be ready before the masses arrived.

At 8 am the gates started flooding with people. The morning started off with a cold crisp windy bite and the thick cascade of clouds didn’t show any sympathy by blocking the sun. Little did we know that as the day progressed, so did the weather. By the afternoon we were all weenies being roasted by the unforgiving sun. We had a great day getting to know new people and displaying our gear which made the day worthwhile.

We had a wide range of gear on display. We had paintball gear, smoke grenades, airsoft gear, air rifles and cool clothing items. But the cream of the crop for this weekend was our special release of the Valken Black Hawk Self-Defence kit. This kit includes a Black Hawk Marker with red spring, a horizontal adapter installed, a 9oz CO2 filled cylinder, one 200 round hopper (magazine), 300 glass-filled nylon balls and 20 pepper balls. The kit can be purchased as a whole or each item can be bought separately. We had a huge raffle that included a Valken Black Hawk Self- Defense kit as well as some additional goodies. It was a prize to be envied!

Saturday morning started off quiet, we could see the battle between curiosity and caution in the eyes of passers-by. Caution was thrown to the wind as soon as we took out some gear to play with. Crowds were flocking to our stall with a new sense of curiosity and intrigue, testing out several pieces of gear like it was Christmas morning. Sharing new toys is a sure way of making new friends.

Sunday was our second and last day of the show. It was yet another early morning of prepping for the flood of people. The morning weather was fantastic compared to the previous day, a cool breeze and clear sky caused more people to come a lot earlier. There were families that came and made a day of it, browsing through stalls and having a bite to eat. Around lunchtime the wind picked up… and so did our gazebos! We managed to catch them without any casualties. Sunday was filled with lots of feet and new faces. Many new friendships were made.

The day ended. And like a circus we packed up our tents, stools, and attractions… and called it a day. We were so glad to have taken this opportunity to share our love of paintball to a new community. We hoped to have touched and inspired the many people that paid a visit to our stall and made our two days so worthwhile.

A Special congratulations to the winner of our Raffle Louisa Van Beek. We hope you enjoy your prize!